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Old World Wine Racks

Handcrafted European Style Wine Racks with
Elegance, Beauty and Functionality

Mark Lessard

Company Owner and Craftsman

Old World Wine Rack Designs offers the beauty, elegance and uniqueness of master-crafted wrought iron wine racks for the discerning wine collector. Our wine racks are used as key architectural elements in the creation of incredible European style wine cellars. We produce wine racks to accommodate the needs of any size wine collection, from a single case of wine to the largest wine collection in the country. If you already have an existing cellar, you may want to use one or more of our racks as a centerpiece to enhance the look of your cellar. For those who do not have room for a wine cellar, some of our racks are often used as an addition to an existing home's decor.


Throughout his career, Mark Lessard has worked both as a Cellar Master and a wine collecting consultant. Over these years he has had the good fortune and pleasure of working with not only some of the country's largest wine collectors but with many clients who were at the very beginning stages of collecting wine. Over time, his passion shifted more to the construction and design of European style wine racks and he used his past experiences in the wine industry to enable him to not only provide wine racks that are unique in style and construction, but to also provide clients with wine racks that meet all of their personal wine collection needs. He believes that a very important component of the construction of a successful wine cellar is that the wine racks not only set the tone for the style of the wine room, but also provide a functionality that allows for both current and long term collecting goals.


While traveling in Europe over the years, Mark has had the opportunity to study the styles and materials used to store wines from the chateaus of Bordeaux to the centuries old wine cellars in Burgundy, Rhone, and Tuscany. The racks created by our company have been designed to give any space the essence and feel of old world Europe. They will provide you with the key component to the Tuscan wine cellar of your dreams.

Wrought Iron

Old World Wine Rack Designs specializes in the use of wrought iron for construction of wine racks because of its predominant use in European wine cellars. Building with wrought iron and following the styles of classic European cellars provides an added sense of true historical accuracy and architectural flavor. Beyond its fine imagery, wrought iron helps a wine cellar maintain the necessary constant temperature for the storage of wine.